Friday, June 17, 2011

I Hadn't Noticed

For some reason I followed a link to the latest blasphemy from the Emergent Village, Doug Pagitt's explanation of why he's jumped headlong into the 'process theology' heresy. It's the same combination of nonsense and wickedness that permeates pretty much everything that comes from there, so I don't recommend spending much time on it, any longer than it takes to utter "I am shocked - SHOCKED - that Doug Pagitt would openly embrace wickedly anti-Biblical teaching".

But, I did notice something interesting while I was there. Look at the logo in the top left. Compare it to the logo at this site. Coincidence?

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Robert said...

Interesting indeed. At this rate, the Emergents might be able to go through most of the major heresies the church has dealt with. If so, they might serve to make the church in these days more aware of such heresies and how to deal with them.