Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can't Someone Else Do It?

And now for something completely different. Consider the following two statements:

A) I am free to use a product
B) Someone else must provide that product for me

Does B necessarily follow from A? No, of course not, that's ridiculous. But the idea that it does forms the foundation of numerous Democrat talking points. Whether the product is birth control, post-secondary education, medical care, housing, food, or whatever the cause du jour will be tomorrow, the product is claimed as a right - and anyone who doesn't want to provide it for you can be accused of denying you that right.

Now a half-second's thought would be enough to reveal the super-secret solution to this problem: just pay for it yourself. But a half-second's thought would be more than enough to dissuade anyone from even considering voting for Obama, and we saw how that worked out. What they're banking on is the unthinking response to Homer Simpson's impassioned campaign rhetoric of "Can't someone else do it?" They expect that we've sunk to Springfieldian levels, so that we'll expect to receive every good thing we want, while someone else has to do all the work. Sadly, based on the population of Occupy Useful Idiotville, they may very well be right.

But that's all introduction. As I was thinking about this idea, I came to another realization. Consider the following two parallel statements:

A) I am free to progress in sanctification
B) Someone else must do all the work for me

That's right. Keswick Theology is the Obama-voter of the Christian world.