Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor - Apparently Surprising

I have no idea what happened on the season finale of The Bachelor. I was barely aware that the show is even still around. But judging by the 925 Facebook status updates (approximately) that all hit at the same time last night, apparently it was the last episode, and the guy did something extremely sleazy.

Well, I for one am shocked - shocked! - that someone associated with that show would have anything less than the highest moral integrity. I mean really, who could've seen it coming? To think that someone who'd go on that show could possibly be a sleazeball... My faith in humanity is - well, exactly where it was before.

So yeah, if you're one of those folks who was just stunned that the guy's a scumbag, could you please try to explain why you were even the least bit surprised? What, exactly, did you expect?

1 comment:

ben said...

ahhhhhhh -- the things that pass for entertainment nowadays...and to so many, too!...