Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I love James MacDonald

Tricia and I are members of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL, which is pastored by James MacDonald. I'm an unabashed fan - the guy's just awesome. You can hear his messages through his Walk in the Word radio ministry, or check out some of his books, or maybe read up at his blog. I thought I would also occasionally post on random bits of MacDonald awesomeness. First up:

So we were on the Sea of Galilee, taking a little boat ride. Lots o' cool stuff happened there, but one thing in particular made me laugh. At some point the conversation turned to false doctrines and weak watered-down churches, and I mentioned something about the emergent church. At which point Pastor James said, "If I ever join an emerging church, I want to be Pastor of Candles."

Now THAT is comedy. Unfortunately, it's funny because it's pretty much true. For the record, I would want to be Pastor of Inventing New Ancient Traditions.


DJP said...

I want to be Pastor of Pretentious Verbage.

Kathie said...

I found Pastor MacDonald online during a painful season in my life
and i have never stop listen. He is wonderful