Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dumbest Song Lyrics Ever?

I'm still jetlagged, and I've been working like crazy the last couple days. So instead of something worthwhile, you get this.

What are the worst song lyrics ever? While there are many possibilities, the dumbest I've heard in a long time come from a commercial for freecreditreport.com. I quote:

Should'a gone to free credit report dot com
I could've seen this comin' at me like an atom bomb

This bothers me. I guess it's because this is a commercial that airs constantly, which is annoying enough. But beyond that, this line does not help sell the product at all, rendering the annoyance to be completely absent of any conceivable benefit.

Consider: what if their claims are all completely correct, and using this service will allow you to see credit problems coming like an atom bomb. What good does that do you? Suppose you one day are out in the backyard and you look up, only to see an atom bomb coming. What, praytell, are you supposed to do with this knowledge? How exactly is seeing the atom bomb coming going to save you? What good will it do besides putting you into a full-scale panic? Oh great, the atom bomb's coming, so let's stop it. No? Well, let's scream a bunch, 'coz we're gonna die. Is this the service they're offering - it's too late to stop these things, but we'll let you know they're coming so you can be prepared to die? Umm, that's great, thanks. but I think I'll pass.


carrie said...

hahahahaha. sooo true! p.s. welcome home!

ben said...

ahhhh...i don't miss those United States when it comes to commercials and jingles -- except for the laughable local ads, those are worthwhile...